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Blueberry and sour cream cake ...

Blueberry and sour cream cake ...

Warning this is not suitable for on anyone on a strict diet! 😈


Ingredients -

7 oz butter

7 oz caster sugar

8 oz Self raising flour

3 large free range eggs

150 ml Sour cream

1.5 tsp Baking powder

1 punnet of blueberries

Raspberries & strawberries optional.

Cream cheese icing -

1 packet Cream cheese

50g Butter

300g Icing sugar


Pre heat fan oven to 180 degrees.

Lightly grease the inside of a round baking tin, place baking paper in the bottom of the tin.

Cream together the butter and sugar add 3 eggs and mix in the flour and baking powder.

Fold in the sour cream followed by the blueberries.



Place in the oven for approx 50 minutes or until brown and cooked through.

Leave to cool.

To make the cream cheese icing, mix together the butter sugar and cream cheese. (Tip, make sure the butter is at room temperature, if it's too cold it will break up and the icing will be lumpy).

Smooth the cream cheese icing over the top of the cake, alternatively pipe it. Top with berries, finish with a dusting of icing sugar. Yum!


1 makeup look - 3 ways ...

1 makeup look - 3 ways ...

Stylish & cosy camel coats ...

Stylish & cosy camel coats ...